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How to Design a Website Latest 2 Tips for Beginners 2019

Because on this post, I will tell you about the tips for designing such a blog, by using which you will be able to design your blog very easily without any coding knowledge. How to design a website, I have told in the latest 10 Tips For Beginners 2019. If you design your website after reading this post well, it will look good, and the user will like it.

1: — Blog Template Template is a very impotent thing in designing blog.  your Template is not good. Then you will not be able to design your blog well either. So after creating a blog, first of all, you need a good template. Also, fast loading with Template simple unique, SEO friendly. You download a new template like this and upload it in your blog. This will make your blog look very well. And your blog visitors will also increase.

Design a Website

2: — Add Email Subscribe WidgetEmail from subscribing widget Your blog will look like a website.

And your visitors will also be able to subscribe to your blog site. So whenever you update something on your blog, your subscriber gets a mail. With which they will visit your blog to read your post. And returning visitors at your blog will also increase. So, you add an Email subscribe widget to your blog. To add Email subscribe widget in And blog, you can add an email subscribe widget for free from feed burner.

It will also be easy for your blog visitors to read your popular & recent posts. And your blog will also look beautiful and professional. Also, engagement on your site will also increase with recent and popular posts on the sidebar. And the bounce rate of your blog will be reduced. And if the blog’s bounce rate is low then your AdSense CPC will increase.

3: — Add Simple Color While designing the blog

, many new bloggers, to design your blog well, you add 4-5 colors to the blog, which is absolutely not right for your blog site. This is a problem for the visitors of your blog. So don’t make your blog over colorful and keep the color of the blog as simple as possible.

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