Atm Full Form

Atm Full Form | what is the full form of Atm

What is ATM, Full Form and how does ATM work?

ATM Full Form in Hindi – Friends ATM is such a thing that we use every second or third day in our daily life, you will know that we use ATM to withdraw money.

But do you know what ATM Full Form is and how ATM works, what are the advantages and disadvantages of ATM?

Atm Full Form

Friends, nowadays every person has a bank account because the bank gives us many facilities such as in the bank you can keep your money safe, which also gives you interest.

Apart from this, you can also take loan from the bank if needed and you can withdraw your money from the bank whenever you want.

But first you had to go to the bank to fill the money and fill it with a slip, and put it in a long line, which used to take you for many hours.

Atm Full Form

But today you can withdraw your money very easily with the help of ATM and for this, you do not have to fill any form nor have to put in any long line.

So let’s know what is ATM, what is ATM Full Form and how does ATM work?

Atm Full Form

What is ATM? ATM Full Form in Hindi
Friends ATM is an electro-mechanical machine that is used for financial transactions from a bank account, meaning these machines are used to withdraw money from a person or institution’s bank account.

With the help of Atm, the banking process has become very easy because this machine is automatic and no person is needed in it.

Friends ATM machines are also of two ways, one is from which we can withdraw money only and the other from which we can withdraw money and deposit it.

But today some such machines have also come from which you can also see the statement of your bank account.

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ATM Full Form – Automated Teller Machine
ATM Full Form in Hindi – Automatic Teller Machine
Friends, what is ATM and after ATM Full Form, now let us know about the history of ATM.

What is the history of ATM? History of ATM in Hindi
Friends Automated Teller Machine was invented by John Shepherd Barron, who was born in India.

The world’s first ATM machine was installed at Barclays Bank in the city of London on 27 June 1967.

But the first ATM machine in India was installed by HSBC (Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation) in the city of Mumbai in 1987.

John Shepherd Barone first thought of having a 6-digit PIN number for the Automated Teller Machine, but it was not easy for his wife to remember the 6-digit PIN.

Hence the latter decided to produce a 4-digit ATP PIN number, which is limited to 4 digits till date.

Ever since the invention of Atm, all banks started taking advantage of it because it also saved their time and any person could withdraw his money very easily.

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